Friends of Flake


We love hosting for Atlanta and we want to help our fans in any way we can. SO HERE’S THE DEAL! Bring your friends and come support Flake Productions at our outdoor live games show at least two times  and we’ll post your bio and head shot on our webpage. Every month we’ll highlight the “SUPER FRIENDS” that have supported us the most and we’ll feature your bio front and center on our page. Whether you’re an actor, singer, small business entrepreneur, or straight up self motivated individual looking for business connections, everyone can always use networking and marketing exposure. Bring the support and become a Friend of Flake!

Flake Productions Feedback:

 ”Flake Productions offered their services for one of our major fundraising events this year and it was a HUGE success. Our week long fundraiser was for “Habitat for Humanity” and the live game show experience brought a whole new element to our event. With a huge crowd in attendance, Flake Productions kept the entire audience involved. The game show was a high energy, interactive way to raise money for a great cause.”
University of Georgia

Friends of Flake
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