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8 Fun, Innovative Team-Building Ideas

We create personalized game shows because we want companies and their employees to have FUN, mainly! But also- we want them to have a positive, unforgettable experience and learn at the same time.

We wanted to see what else was out there in the world of fun and unique team building activities- so here is our list of our top 5! Read on and get inspired to break outside of the box with your next team-building activity.

1.) Operation Bicycle
This challenge from has philanthropic twist, using teamwork to come together to help the community in a fun way.

From their website:

“In Operation Bicycle, Teams of 8-10 participants overcome a series of challenges in order to retrieve the parts for a child’s bicycle which they assemble and then donate to a local charity. There are also bonus challenges where teams can earn accessories for their bikes. The challenges are a combination of proven, high-energy, problem-solving initiatives and mental challenges that will help your team identify the behaviors of optimum teamwork. The goal of donating a completed bicycle is a great metaphor for staying focused on the big picture.”

We love this because it’s such a unique idea and makes you feel awesome too- as you know you’re contributing to the greater good.

2.) Cake Decorating Contest

Everyone loves cake, right? This activity is a great way to get creative juices flowing and mouths watering at the same time- all while fostering great teamwork and competition. People are divided into teams, and must decorate their cake or cupcakes according to a theme. Teams then each get to explain their choices- then they all vote on the best one! May the best cake win.

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3.) A Dose of Reality
Use popular reality shows to inspire your next team-building exercise! Love the Amazing Race? Split up your participants into teams. Then, teams must travel throughout the city and work through different challenges that are specific to each city. This is especially great for a new city division- or if you have a lot of employee transfers who are not acquainted with the city yet.

If you have a lot of entertainers in your bunch, why not try an American Idol themed competition? Host a karaoke contest split up into teams. Each team must put on a show complete with costumes and choreography. Have a panel of judges, and give out scores. The highest score team wins!

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4.) Heroes Among Us
Got a bunch of Comic Book or Superhero nerds? This is the perfect team building activity.

“Each guest receives a team color. Then, their mission is revealed – to create a comic book in which they overcome a challenge facing their company.

Teams must randomly select a superhero bag. Inside are details on the superhero, arch villain and scenario they must highlight in their comic book. All of the superheroes, villains and scenarios are customized for your group. So, an HR Team may have to create a comic book about the adventures of The Actuary vs. Spend-a-lot in the struggle over retirement funds. Another may focus on Rx-Man, who must use his powers of transparency to transform the evil Ben. E. Phitts’ plan. “

Teams are given adequate supplies including guidebooks, a camera, posterboard for storyboard panels, and costume accessories. Each team creates their book then submits them for judging to see who will save the day!
5.) Flash Mob Fun
Flash mobs are all the rage in the viral video world- so why not make your company a part of it? With, you can get help with organizing your own flash mob! Make sure to get it on video, and you may also get a huge boost in social media traffic. That’s a win-win if you ask us.

From their website:
“This team building event is all about surprise, engagement, cohesion, risk taking and energy. Your group will quickly unite as they take the concept of a flash mob and transform it into what we call a flash team. You’ll ignite the spark in your team through unparalleled communication, spirited energy and shared experience.

You may be wondering: What is a flash mob? As defined by Wikipedia a flash mob is “a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse.”  Sounds like team building to us!

There are tons of innovative, fun, team building exercises out there. Hopefully this helped you spark some creativity and find some new ways to promote teamwork within your own group.