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Five Ways to Make Your Employees Happier!

We all know that running a successful business depends on having reliable, motivated, employees who are engaged and willing to work their hardest for you. Along with making sure their basic needs are met- going above and beyond to brighten your employee’s day and enhance their work atmosphere will pay off dividends in engagement and morale!

But how do you keep that positivity flowing? Here are 5 suggestions to try!

1.) Express Your Appreciation
Everyone likes to feel appreciated! Do you have an employee who really went above and beyond for you in a project? Can you sense someone is having a hard time and needs a pick-me-up? Showing your employee some appreciation doesn’t always have to mean giving them a raise. (Although that’s a great option, too, of course!) Go ahead and pick up some of their favorite cookies from that new bakery that just opened, or even just write a simple “Just Because” thank-you card. It can go a long way!

2.) Give Positive Feedback
People like to know that what they’re doing is helping the cause. Be careful of only responding when things aren’t done correctly- make sure to give positive feedback as well and let people know when they’re doing a good job. It’s often not said enough!

3.) Feed Them
You really can’t ever go wrong with providing food- it’s the ultimate common denominator and morale booster. Doughnuts? Burritos? Sandwiches? It doesn’t matter! You could schedule a specific day for some special munchies or simply do it as a surprise. We guarantee you’ll brighten everyone’s day, regardless.

4.) Encourage Their Creativity and Ideas
One of your employees may have a genius idea of helping business- but without you making it clear it’s okay to express them, they may hold it in for fear of overstepping boundaries. Foster an environment of open communication by letting people know you value their ideas. It doesn’t mean you have to implement them all- simply listening and encouraging some brainstorming here and there is always a good idea. We can always learn!

5.) Schedule Fun, Engaging Corporate Events
Not all company team building exercises or training events are created equal, that’s for sure. Make your employees happier by doing something different this year instead of the same, tired event. Game Shows Rock was created to provide an exciting, unique approach to company team building and is sure to be a success- everyone loves a little friendly competition! And with custom questions tailored around your company along with categories of your own choosing (some clients even throw in pop culture) you‘re guaranteed to have your team involved, engaged, laughing and learning. It’s an awesome combo!

Let us help you set up a custom corporate team building event today- tailored to your company!