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Get Your Team Started Off Right!

With the New Year comes new problems you and your team will have to face. Some of it might be dealing with the post-holiday blues, team members still coming back from vacation or recovering from it, and prepping to jump into 2019 as a cohesive team. As a team leader, or manager, it can be tough to rally the troops and buckle down, but here are 5 ways you can help keep your team on track and keep up with your company’s New Year Goals:

1. Organize Your Goals
You have already gotten a breakdown of the company goals for the year and what to expect during the first quarter, second, third, etc. Go ahead and organize these goals into who can accomplish what, which person might enjoy a certain project more, and even add your own team goals to the list to help improve your team.

2. Figure out What Didn’t Work Last Year
Take a look at those reviews collected. This is a good time to sit down and go over what did and didn’t work. What can you do better to keep up with the New Year and goals set before you? Was there a trend among your team?

3. Manage your Calendar
Go ahead and grab time on your calendar to get work done, answer emails, and meet with individual team members. The best way to make sure you have time in the future is to go ahead and schedule time for tasks to help build and motivate your team.

4. Build relationships with your team
This point goes off the previous point. A happy team leads to a more productive, cohesive unit working together to accomplish the goals set before them. To monitor the health of your team, make sure you are meeting individually with each member to ask how they are doing or if they see anything which might need changing. These moments will help you quickly adjust strategies if something is not meshing well with your team.

5. Start with the Right Attitude
Simple, sweet, and easy. Start the year off with a positive attitude and good energy. Your team members will feel it and also be involved. This positive outlook will set the tone for the entire year and will have a larger impact on your goals down the road.