TV-Style Game Shows For Company Team Building & Special Events!

From Starting Up to Teaming Up

It feels good to have someone believe in your product, plain and simple. Game Shows Rock has grown, pivoted, spun and grown some more since we opened our doors and plugged in our podiums in 2010. Game Shows Rock started as one man (yours truly), running ‘proof of concept’ shows in small venues to a company that’s hosted for Fortune 100 Companies in some of the biggest event spaces in Atlanta. Now I’ll admit this is a little ‘back patting’ on my part. However, it’s not all champagne and high fives because like Peter Parker said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ As great as our growth pattern has been, it hasn’t come with it’s fair share of headaches and bruises. As businesses grow, so does the size of that magnifying glass that clients have focused in on you.

For the better part of five years, I have completely controlled the pre-production, staging and hosting of our corporate game shows. So it’s been tough to let go and let others handle some of these aspects. However, without trusting in others there’s just no room for growth.There are only a handful of companies nationwide that host mobile game shows. In turn there’s even a smaller handful that specialize on the corporate side. And to the best of my knowledge, there’s only one company that fully specializes in the team building and ‘experiential learning’ components of live game shows. That company.. You know it, Game Shows Rock. So when I began expanding my team it wasn’t a situation where I could reach out to people who have been established in the mobile game show industry. This was farming from the ground floor.

It’s taken some time, a whole lot of networking & resume reading and quite a bit of coffee shop meet and greets, but I’ve put together a great team. I have trusted individuals and companies I can reach out to for our AV, social media, branding, and as of recently… our hosting. Our recent partnership with the Atlanta based Village Theatre, (www.village has been absolutely awesome. The fact we can provide professionally trained improv actors as our hosts really takes our audience interaction and team building to a whole new level.

So for all you entrepreneurs that are still having trouble putting your trust in others, just ease your grip on the reins and let others share the ride. You can still be the coach & the captain, but you’ll be amazed at how good it feels to have others wearing your team‘s jersey! ~Jason Flake-President of Game Shows Rock