TV-Style Game Shows For Company Team Building & Special Events!

Take Out the Titles and Really Build Your Team

Corporate Game Shows Atlanta

To all those bosses out there looking to motivate and engage your employees, make 2019 the year you roll those sleeves up and truly connect with your team. Don’t create a timecard culture where everybody’s counting the minutes to 5PM. You don’t have to renovate your office to look like the Google campus to create a fun and engaging structure for your team. Office chatter can be a good thing so create situations where different divisions come together, not just the occasional opportunity for conversation.

How about an acronym to get the ball rolling?? FUN= Forget Useless Nameplates.
Corporate Fun can be putting together activities where people that wouldn’t normally have a chance to interact are in the trenches together mixing it up. Carol from Accounting should be able to connect with John from Sales. Cubicles are great for space management but they shouldn’t create a walled environment. Have some fun by hammering home that acronym.

Corporate Training Atlanta

Set the right tone! Don’t try and force happiness with Hawaiian Shirt Fridays or Wacky Wednesdays, start by creating situations and sessions where people are genuinely engaged and can share the experiences afterwards, not a singular moment.
It’s amazing how quickly a collar can get un-starched when a boss mixes it up with his team.
“Every day is a Game Show” stated one of our clients when asked about his corporate culture. Unexpected teams can equal unexpected success.

You don’t have to change who you are as a boss. Still work your management magic with that old school flavor that got you to where you are. However, it’s time to add that fresh dynamic to keep up with the times. Here’s a little ‘training video’ to get the inspiration flowing. Aim for this kind of energy with your team and you‘ll be right in the sweet spot!