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Maximum Productivity On the Go! Iphone Style


Being able to operate business while being mobile is more important than ever these days. Certainly it can be a blessing and a curse- while in the past you could “escape” work while out of the office, these days you’re expected to be on-call and productive no matter where you are. However, despite that added burden, technology has found ways to make life a lot more streamlined and convenient, too. When you’re not in an office or near a computer- these apps can come in handy and make you happy that we live in the digital age!

1.) JotNot Scanner

How many times have you needed to scan something- but weren’t near a scanner? With JotNot, you can simply use your phone to snap a photo of a document- and it sizes it appropriately so that others can read on their desktops. Perfectly handy!

2.) LogMeIn
Need to access your computer for an important file- but you’re stuck away from home without it? Simply use LogMeIn to sign yourself in to your computer from your iPhone or iPad! It uses WiFi to make the connection. Super convenient and can be a total lifesaver.

3.) DropBox
One of the best cloud-storage options out there, Dropbox is like having a flash drive on your phone, allowing you to access and sync files across multiple devices including your computer. It’s also a great way to save space on your phone- just store your photos on Dropbox instead and you can still access them whenever you need to instead of keeping your camera roll filled.

4.) Expensify
Need to keep track of receipts and business expenses and want to do it in a streamlined way? Expensify automatically pulls data from receipts and types it up for you in your database. An excellent way to keep track of all important documents! And with a corporate account- you can get even more features.

Do you need to process payments on the go- but not sure how to go about it securely? Use Square to turn your phone or tablet into a cash register- for free! There’s a small fee every time someone swipes- but it’s worth it if you need a very efficient, streamlined way to deal with payments. You also have the records for easy accounting.
*All of these apps can be found in the iOS App Store.*