TV-Style Game Shows For Company Team Building & Special Events!

The World’s Craziest Game Shows!

Game shows, we all know them, and we specialize in them. Well, American game shows at least. When deciding what game show helps build up teams and help promote a solid foundation in the office, we take care to not pick anything too crazy. But, the world is full of crazy game shows which make us go, “What in the world?!” Look over the list of game shows below and decide for yourself if you would be willing to join in.

1. Dadagirl – India
Have you ever had nightmares from an experience with bullies? Well, then this show is not a game show for you. In this show, you will have to face a trio of “bullies” to win. You will have to face the muscles, the smart kid, and the girl who made your life miserable in school. If you can’t win against your bully, then you go to the “school cafeteria” where you have to eat a bowl maggots. Delicious, right?

2. Takeshi’s Castle – Japan
Japan is probably the most well-known country for absurd and strange game shows, but this one really takes the cake. Your host for this particular games show is actor-director Takeshi Kitano. The objective of all 100 contestants? To “Kill” Takeshi who is playing an evil count. But, to get to him you have to get past his cartoonish guards, several obstacle courses, and many dangerous traps; some of which have left contestants injured.

3. Solitary – America
This short lived show on Fox Reality Channel is one of the most bizarre and challenging game shows to come out of America. Contestants are trapped inside a small octagonal room in complete and total isolation. Over the next few hours, days, weeks, the contestants compete in dozens of challenges which test their mental strength and physical strength. With no sense of time and no way to know if other contestants have left the game, some players were left competing by themselves for multiple challenges before finally giving up and taking the prize for being last person standing.

4. Wanna Bet? – Germany
Want to be on a show where some guest judges include Tom Cruise and Bill Gates? Well, “Wetten, dass?” is the game show for you! The show takes people and rewards them for accomplishing some extraordinary tasks. The celebrities will then place best on whether the show’s guest can pull off the tasks. Although, these tasks are not your ordinary around the house cleaning tasks; these particular tasks may involve jumping over 5 cars in spring loaded boots or moving a car with a spear, but having the tip in your mouth. Are you brave enough for this game show?