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Kicking 2019 Off with Leadership Momentum!

Corporate Training Ideas Atlanta Game Shows

So it’s time to kickoff the new year & you’ve decided to really go big on the scope of your event. You’re going to create something so memorable, that employee chatter after the event won’t just be around the water cooler, it’ll be at the lunch and dinner table as well. You truly want to set the tone that your organization is ready to ‘go big or go home’ this year.

However, after all the glitz and glamour of the initial kickoff, how do you keep that momentum throughout the year?

First off, a good leader should realize that you’re not going to shift the corporate culture with one event. When someone’s cross training, they don’t just train one time a year with one event. A company needs to keep their content fresh, touch on multiple points throughout the year and of course keep the events interactive.

There should be specific follow up with your team after every event. This works on two levels. 1. It’s a great way to hit home on the most memorable moments of the event. Send pictures, send video, anything to let them know this wasn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ event, we all benefited! 2. It ’s a great way to generate buzz until the next event.

Plan something once a quarter where new teams are put together for each event. You can keep the same event type framework , just keep the content and message fresh. This can be easily and effectively done by incorporating training material into your team building. Shut down the PowerPoint and make the training interactive. When your employees realize that you’re putting a new spin on training, you win on all counts. It’s amazing the kind of success and retention rates you can achieve when people are engaged and having fun.

So become the leader in corporate cross training and create that interactive element within your company. Get specific feedback from every event, pivot when necessary and let your team know that this is all about them. Get in there, don’t be afraid to mix it up because it’s always easier to get hands on with the sleeves rolled up!