TV-Style Game Shows For Company Team Building & Special Events!

Game Shows Rock Corporate Team Building

Corporations are constantly looking for ways to motivate and engage employees, increase their work satisfaction and productivity. There are lists of activities that claim to ‘bring employees together’ but are these events really accomplishing the ultimate corporate goal? An ideal team building exercise is one that not only involves the group, but also reinforces a company’s goals and brand. Integrating both of these elements can be difficult and sometimes companies end up just paying for a couple of activities they could have designed inhouse.


With a client base that spans multiple industries throughout Atlanta and nationwide, GSR has designed interactive game shows for small training sessions to company wide annual seminars. “Interactive and Unforgettable” , “A Corporate Training Homerun.” These are just a few descriptions of the Live Game Show Experience.

Game Shows Rock takes a company’s standard training info that would normally be presented during a basic meeting or education session and we tap into the dynamic education and experiential learning market. Through our signature turn key packages, we work with our clients from start to finish and customize this standard company information into a multi-media game show format. All of the categories, questions and material are based on the company. Our formats reinforce your company’s brand and create an interactive way to train your team.


We bring the energy to your event that your employees are longing for. Your employees don’t get together and talk about that awesome power point presentation or that great morning lecture about company values or market updates. HOWEVER, they do talk about how they were part of a live game show that was designed specifically for their company. When that agenda reads “The Live Game Show Experience”, you’re giving them something to look forward to.

In a series of studies conducted about the benefits of team building in the workplace, happy employees were found to have 31% higher productivity and 37% higher sales. When your team is engaged, retention rates are considerably higher.

The GSR training and team building model is a wallflower proof, proven method for involving all levels and positions of the company. Every member of your company interacts together in head to head competition. Live game show competition knows no titles.

Importantly, there is NO NEED TO RETREAT, WE BRING THE EXPERIENCE TO YOU. The live game show experience is brought directly to your event. Although many clients will incorporate our services as the culmination of a multi-day retreat, GSR services can also be structured as an intown retreat. Corporate dollars are saved and you’ve given your team an experience they’ll be talking about for weeks to come! Game Shows Rock is the proven solution for taking team building and training to the next level. We’re looking forward to designing and hosting a TV-Style Game Show customized specifically for your event. Find out why Game Shows Rock is truly “Team Building at Its Finest.”