TV-Style Game Shows For Company Team Building & Special Events!

The Next Level of Interactive Corporate Training


“Now we’ll take a short ten minute break and will resume directly after” . Often times these words are music to a training group’s ears. Hour after hour of monotonous, tedious, raw material will create a group that translates a ’break out session’ to mean their opportunity to escape the room!


A corporation doesn’t have to develop their own game show or innovative team building division , that’s where Game Shows Rock comes in. You provide us with your Powerpoint, your PDFs or even something as broad as a web page(s). We immediately take that information and begin our consultation and design process. We develop that raw information and customize your curriculum and goals into interactive, game show formats. We’ll connect with you on items such as 1. What are you looking to accomplish? 2. What are your goals? & 3. where is your primary focus? It’s the concept of ‘experiential learning’ combined a team building component. This innovative partnership is THE WAY to truly reinforce your material.

We specialize in creating two of the most recognizable game show experiences. Our training platforms are built around the high-end look and feel of both the Jeopardy and Family Feud Experience. Game Shows Rock can incorporate photos, audio, even video into our interactive game show formats.


With our game shows structured as a fully mobile experience, we can set up our interactive training events in conference rooms, auditoriums, essentially the same location you’d normally be packing your team in for that grueling Powerpoint. Your employees aren’t just walking into Conference Room A, they’re walking into a live, Hollywood style game show production which is truly a one of a kind experience. Our events and corporate relationships have created testimonial after testimonial of clients who couldn’t believe the type of interactive component that Game Shows Rock brings to training sessions.


In a series of studies conducted about the benefits of team building in the workplace, happy employees were found to have 31% higher productivity and 37% higher sales. When your team is engaged, retention rates are considerably higher.

Let’s talk overall employee satisfaction. In recent polls, Gallup found that only 13% of workers feel engaged by their jobs. With this type of percentage, why wouldn’t a company do everything they can to engage their employees where it counts the most, developing and training for successful results?

Become the company that blazes trails of training. Become the company that finally realizes, ‘there has to be a better way!

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