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Six Ways to Stay Healthy At Work

We all know that being healthy is important. But with busy schedules, tight deadlines, and overtime hours- sometimes it can be difficult to keep healthy habits while at the workplace. Read on for tips on how to keep the workplace healthy for you and your employees:

1.) Take Regular Active Breaks
We know this has been preached ad nauseaum- but it’s really so important! Sitting for 8 hours just isn’t conducive to optimal health. If you have to- try to even set up a little timer for yourself to get up every 20 minutes to stand or walk around. Go get some water, take a lap around the office, do some stretches- whatever you need to do to give your body a break from being crouched at your desk.

2.) Utilize medicine balls or standing desks
This has been growing in popularity lately for good reason- using a stability ball can help you engage your core and leg muscles while working. Sure- it may look a little goofy at first- but who knows, one day they may be standard in offices everywhere! If you want to take it even further, get yourself a standing desk setup. Staying on your feet will help keep the blood flowing and help you burn calories, too. And any way you can incorporate a bit of exercise and body movement in your workday is a great thing for productivity and brain function.

3.) Keep an Emergency Healthy Snack Drawer
Instead of reaching for the candy bar vending machine when you crash in the afternoon – keep yourself a healthy snack drawer full of items such as protein bars, protein powder, turkey jerky, roasted nuts, and bananas. High protein snacks like this will help keep hunger pangs at bay so you won’t be tempted to dive into the unhealthy office snacks people love to bring in. They’ll also keep your brain fed with essential nutrients that are conducive to productivity. And even better- shelf stable snacks like this won’t be stolen from the company fridge. Score!

4.) Walk Outside When You Can
File this tip away until the weather less resembles an arctic frost- but getting outside in nature is scientifically proven to increase memory span and brain function. It also can prove as a massive stress reliever. Take an active lunch break and walk around a neighboring park if you can. Just being outside of the office for a bit and in the fresh air can do numbers for your mental health and stress levels! Try not to stay attached to your smartphone while on this break for optimal results. Take a moment to smell the roses- literally.

5.) Use Good posture and Work Ergonomics
Avoid issues like carpal tunnel and neck/back pain by making sure your office is set up for maximum ergonomic benefits. Monitors should be at eye level, and keep your legs flexed at a 90 degree angle. Try not to slouch and keep your core engaged for the best possible posture. Every so often roll your shoulders back and just generally be mindful of your body. Doing strengthening exercises in the gym to improve your posture such as deadlifts and core work as well as doing yoga regularly can also help.

6.) Prepare Lunch in Advance
If you have time, use a couple hours on your Sunday to pre-prep your meals for the week. You’ll notice that you will save lots of money on eating out at restaurants and will feel massive health benefits from eating home cooked meals. Make sure every meal has a decent source of protein, veggie, and a complex carb like quinoa or sweet potato for maximum health benefits and to keep your brain fed with the best nutrients!